Investment Approach

Borealis partners with like-minded investors and strong operating partners

Borealis typically seeks investments in assets with Enterprise Values in excess of $2 billion and looks to partner with like-minded investors and "best in class" operators. We actively manage all of our investments.

Borealis is a direct equity investor with a requirement for meaningful ownership and governance rights. This ensures we have a strong voice on the strategy, management and operational milestones of the investments we own.

We firmly believe in the direct financial alignment of our interests and those of our partners and investee companies’ management teams. Our professionals provide active governance oversight and input into the strategic direction to our portfolio companies. As a long-term, buy-and-hold investor, Borealis is focused on cash yields as a primary driver of investment performance, coupled with modest capital appreciation.

Long term investor
Direct financial alignment
Meaningful ownership and governance rights
Active governance oversight